Laser instrument for cooling solution of water cooled plate

Date:Tuesday December 07 2021 Clicks:100

Laser instruments have been widely used in modern life, in addition to industrial marking, cutting, welding applications, but also widely used in the medical beauty industry. For example, the mouth laser treatment instrument, laser eyebrow washing instrument, laser skin beautifier, etc., greatly convenient our life.
The principle that laser instrument can be used as medical cosmetology is actually, made use of the three effects of light on tissue, photothermal effect, photodynamic reaction and photostimulation. Its painless and rapid features are popular.
The application of these laser devices has played a very good role in promoting social development, and as the users and producers of these devices. Despite the best of technology, there are some small problems. Especially the heat dissipation problem, heat dissipation is unavoidable, but the perfect combination of good heat dissipation method and equipment is a tricky problem.
The generation of lasers is complex and involves physical knowledge of light, atoms and so on, but whatever laser equipment is used for, it produces a lot of heat when it's working. Heat is one of the scariest things to happen to industry and medical equipment. Light may burn laser equipment, and heavy may affect production and use.
In the case of semiconductor lasers, a 50w device requires a cooling capacity of more than 1200w. Cooling air flow is used to send out quantity of heat, and in the case of forced convection heat transfer coefficient of air is 20-100 - w / ㎡? K, the heat transfer coefficient of water is 1000-15000 - w / ㎡? K, which means that at the same temperature and the same area, water is transferring heat dozens of times more than air. If using air cooling to achieve the same cooling efficiency can only increase the rotating speed, also increased the noise. In fact, water cooling is a very good choice both from a professional perspective and in terms of trends in cooling solutions.
From the application of computer to water cooling, it is not difficult to find that the features of mute and high efficiency have proved the reliability of water cooling. If you're still struggling with the heat dissipation of laser equipment, consider water cooling.