China precision parts processing technology to achieve world standards

Date:Tuesday December 07 2021 Clicks:76

Precision machining technology is the key technology of advanced equipment manufacturing. If a country has advanced industrial precision machining technology, its manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry will be very leading. In the past, due to the backward processing technology and equipment of precision parts in China, it was impossible to process precision parts with small diameter, high precision and complex profile, which seriously affected the technological progress in related fields in China.
Since the 1980 s, our country after reform and opening up, the introduction of large quantities of talents and equipment, coupled with over 30 years our country constantly tenacious struggle and the independent innovation of enterprise, has the breakthrough precision machine tool precision motion mechanism design, efficient magnetorheological polishing fluid preparation, ion beam stability control, optical element and the nano precision machining technology such as full spectrum error control, under this background, many years later, the precision machining technology of our country finally broke the developed countries technology blockade of precision machining equipment, It makes China a country with independent processing technology of various precision parts after the United States, Germany and Japan.
According to statistics, there are quite a few developed enterprises, however, through the Internet or foreign trade companies and other channels, we can find some precision processing enterprises in our country to help them with external processing, from which we can see that our precision processing technology is recognized by the world and has reached the world level.